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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hallo everyone i wish u a happy Chinese new year!!
Btw cny to me is the same just tat every yr there visiting with hot weather,ang bao this yr is better than next yr but i feel it still so little
Next next those wishes from my bday from FB to msn to sms .
My first day of my bday is a working day i can say it is fun, the best part is the amazing race with us wearing formal clothes sweating like hell .from t2 to t3 after all it is a tired day. my sat and sun is burn out for celebration so now i talk about my bday wishlist there are 8 in total but i have currently have 3 or 4
so what are they? first one the most ex one which is wii i got it just today ,yesterday i when round to search for the best and cheap one so today i got i my cousin and aunty ,grandma & uncle sponser the present then come COLD HOT CASH from my parent and aunty ,uncle and grandma again see they fullfill my two wishes then come mp3 which baby brought for me so total about 3 wish is done then before i forget some week back during the exam week i got another present from awesome,angel and chi cum a cake they got me hugo boss fragrance cos they dun like my snake powder.haha so it a surprise present so i left this in my list1) nalgene red bottle (1000ml),2) levis watch,3)grat vest ,4)predo shoe and the last one is another ex one agne's B wallet . By looking at my list i think i want more i know i greedy and i have more craving now i want a black bag pack and a nike kind soul out there dun mind fullfill my wish
btw my iep start this week i need to be in an terminal 2 by 8.15 ,wake up at 5.30am
and i staying at the west ,travelling time kill me alot no choice, i need to sleep well ,sleep more and my working time for this week end work on 5.15 and from march 1 i doing 12 hour shift work either from 8am to 8pm or 8pm to 8am and idun really have personal time, i miss my besties !!!Another thing in my mind i need a gateway i want to relax!!

10:34 PM;

Friday, January 29, 2010

hallo i blogging now because now is op2 my faci taking to himself so this is only the free time i can blog.SO yesterday i have interview at changi airport group ,it was like a chat with them but i hope i can get in.And now my faci is saying this your late now

9:21 AM;

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I just realise that i my schedule for next few week are pack with ut3,cny dinner.
and i also realise that i need a PA personal Assistant to help me out with thing ex,cny dinner go find for me good restaurant i need it for family and friends.Help me out in MLM .My MLM manager run away without telling us but lucky i did not loss anything ,KNN run away to avoid problem .
With the colour of your eyes.
Not coloured; not tainted
Not any other colour
The world puts forth for you
It’s a tainted one
It might not be your colour
Do not let others colour your vision
Stay rooted.
To your Tradition; to your History.
There should be no compromise
With the colour of your eyes.
Through which lens you were born to see the world.

11:11 PM;

Monday, January 18, 2010

This my 90th post

“We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes and the flashback starts
I’m standing there on a balcony in summer air
See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns
See you make your way through the crowd and say, ‘Hello’
Little did I know…
That you were Romeo
You were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said, ‘Stay away'
Anyway 2010 i have a great start on the 1st jan but not the month of jan i have ut and op ut shit.then i sick on the 2nd week
Anyway i still looking for cheap wii i will get it after cny as i think that where ppl can sponsor me.My Christmas wish 10 item most of it is full fill i can say about 4/10
btw this my bday wish i know the are alot of ppl out there have cash after chinese new year so please full fill my wish
i want for my bday is
2)Levis watch
3)samsung mp3 4Gb (red one)(my apple ipod nano only 2 Gb i need more space & i hate apple)
4)Nalgene bottle 1000ml (Red one)
5)Agne's B man wallet(i know this one ex)
6)pedro shoe
7)GREY vest
8)more cash
i will just put 8 item because during Christmas i put 10 put only 4 i got so this time i cut down ,by just putting 8 only.

12:09 AM;

Friday, January 1, 2010

1st post of the yr 2010
i welcome the year in marina bay with besties.
so what my new year resolution
thing to do:
kl trip
go jet ski
read my rich dad poor dad book
place to go:
work to do:
join XLOC
Lastly i wish everyone a healthy and prosperous yr ahead!!!!
Happy new year everyone!!!!

9:09 PM;

Saturday, December 5, 2009

10 thing that shawn want for christmas
2)new shade
6)boeing 777-300ER model
7)A320 model
8)new lappy
9)new wallet
10)lava lamp
Lastly i has been raining the whole day .making me want to sleep, my room is so cold .

9:01 PM;

I in love with lady gaga bad romance i sing non stop
btw i pisss of by D&T faci plz ar old man get out of rp ur teaching sux 6p dun say u are wrong u have been giving me grade that is not worth me getting fuck you u this old man ,i have no problem with other faci all 3 other faci i have no problem in fact i have fun with them partly cos they are young not old like u ,u got age gap ar fucker. first u say my rj is copy one downgrade me then now u say my rj is confusing what u want ,u ask so many thing , can u just go fuck off u .say u are manager of big company last time u will fire ur staff if they dun do i think ppl fire u then rit ,no job then come rp teach ,if u are my staff i will confirm fire u.lazy to use ur brain to teach follow 6p.i think from primary sch to secondary sch i have this problem i cannot interact with old teacher or faci, in secondary i will only do well with young teacher cos they know how to interact ,in my rp life i get most faci all young ,pretty ,but only u this old man , u can just go drive taxi ,ur outlook fit to be one .my grade all very nice except this fuck faci giving grade of my rj, other faci dun .no wonder even joey want to complain u , my christmas wish is u are fire from rp teach 4 class earn alot rit i wish u get fire.
i piss off this faci and i think we have age gap , i rap in class u dun understand cos ur ear is full of wax so old still want earn so much money go feed china gal .u are one of the most ka po faci i ever seen keep seeing ppl lappy screen one day i will show u porn in my lappy see u high anot best is u seee u high go around fuck ppl . u piss me off alot ,this one whole post is for u kick the bucket .

1:44 AM;

Shawn Tan.
Girls find me sexy and crazy.
But my faci thinks i am china man! WTH!
Prada Wallet.
A trip to Europe.
G-star Raw Jeans
To live in District 9.

brushes; x
font; x
layout; kahwai(:

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